Other Alternative Entity Matters


Lola Cars Int’l, Ltd. v. Krohn Racing, LLC, 2009 Del. Ch. LEXIS 193 (Nov. 12, 2009) (control contest).

Archstone Partners, L.P. v. Lichtenstein, 2009 Del. Ch. LEXIS 130 (Del. Ch. July 10, 2009)(defense to challenge to reorganization of limited partnership over objection of substantial investors).

Steel Partners II, L.P. v. Point Blank Solutions, Inc., 2008 Del. Ch. LEXIS 107 (Del. Ch. Aug. 12, 2008) (defense of reorganization plan).

CNL-AB, LLC v. Eastern Property Fund I SPE (MS REF) LLC, 2011 Del. Ch. LEXIS 25 (Jan. 28, 2011) (defense of challenge to foreclosure).

•  Cohen v. Reed, C.A. No. 7172-VCL (Del. Ch. Apr. 4, 2012) (successfully enforcing arbitration provision of LLP agreement).