Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection

The Young Conaway Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection team assists businesses in meeting their goals and obligations to protect the integrity, privacy, and security of confidential data and information. Data breaches have grown in frequency and severity, and can wreak devastating results on the compromised entities. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable because information is often a key component of a company’s assets. In addition, rapidly changing technology, the evolving litany of federal and state laws and regulations, and contractual and ethical obligations all impose specific standards of privacy and security protection on any organization that maintains another party’s private information.

Young Conaway’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection team helps clients traverse this landscape by working with companies to craft and implement strategies that are tailored to address their data-protection goals and compliance obligations. We help clients develop a comprehensive and proactive approach to improve their ability to prevent, mitigate, and quickly respond to incidents affecting confidential information. Our team also works with clients to assess and develop responses for various types of information-security incidents, including data breaches that may give rise to notification obligations or litigation. Because our team is represented by a cross-section of Young Conaway’s business-related practice areas, our service is multi-faceted and necessarily includes the experience and skills of our transactional, business planning, and litigation practitioners.


Kathaleen S. McCormick

Sara Beth A.R. Kohut


William W. Bowser

Scott A. Holt

Vincent C. Thomas

Margaret ("Molly") DiBianca