Diversity Committee

Young Conaway recognizes that the promotion of diversity cannot rest idly on a firm philosophy:  it requires commitment and effort.  Our strategy of promoting affinity and inclusion is actively pursued by a Diversity Committee. 

Young Conaway’s Diversity Committee includes partners, associates, and administrative staff, enabling it to address the needs of all aspects of our workforce.  Through the Committee’s work, the firm fosters both grass-roots and more formal initiatives to promote diversity.  The Committee’s focus includes attorney marketing and career development, with an eye to retaining and promoting talented individuals.

Committee Members:
Sean Beach, Co-Chair
Donald Bowman
Nora Day
Mary Dugan
William Gamgort
Anne Gaza, Co-Chair
Rachel Herron
Scott Holt
Kathryn Jakabcin
William Johnston
Katie McCormick
Lakshmi Muthu
Elena Norman
John Paschetto
Lauren Russell
Melanie Sharp
Polina Snitkovsky
Barry Willoughby