Intellectual Property Transactional Services

Our client’s businesses are growing and this means they require a variety of transactional services meant to protect and promote the company’s intellectual assets. Young Conaway’s team of attorneys will meet with you to better understand your company’s position in the marketplace and perform the due diligence necessary to prepare your ideas for a patent or trademark application. We can also negotiate and draft all the documents needed to finalize your IP license.

Patent Protection

National and international companies are looking for guidance to help them protect their innovations. Young Conaway’s attorneys will assist clients in identifying any conflicting third-party patents in the marketplace and provide due diligence reports or opinions that the company may rely upon to proactively protect its ideas. Conflicts are inevitable as the company and its patent portfolio matures. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to strengthen a company’s position through patent challenge proceedings in the USPTO and beyond.


Clients and companies turn to Young Conaway and its team of attorneys to evaluate proposed trademarks and assist in the registration of trademarks both in the United States and other countries. Young Conaway also assist clients with the analysis of competitive trademark searches and portfolio evaluations.