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Delaware Employment Law Blog

News, court decisions and commentary on employment law and human resource issues

Delaware IP Law Blog

Analysis, commentary and news on all facets of patent, trademark, and trade secret litigation in the District of Delaware

Delaware Detour & Frolic

A workers' compensation law blog that highlights newly-released decisions of the Delaware Industrial Accident Board on "hot topics" such as Utilization Review, the AMA Guides, Section 2311 (the contractor statute), occupational disease and other issues of interest for practitioners.  Detour & Frolic provides links to key agency documents, forms, databases and articles; IAB opinions analyzed by author Cassandra Roberts also can be downloaded from the site.

Delaware Non-Compete Law Blog

News and legal updates on non-competition agreements and unfair competition litigation in Delaware

Delaware Environmental Law Blog and Delaware Real Estate Blog

The blog's authors provide updates from the regulation-writing front of DNREC, proposed legislation in the pipeline, and the always-hopping policy arena. There will also be reviews of recent environmental law cases decided in Delaware or those having possible application in Delaware.