Partners James Patton and Rolin Bissell discuss the use of independent fiduciaries in conflict transactions.

Corporate Counseling and Litigation

Young Conaway's Corporate Counseling and Litigation practice group provides representation and advice to corporations, directors, officers, stockholders and other law firms. Our practice ranges from advising on the structure and negotiation of corporate transactions to defending (or challenging) transactions in the courtroom.


Defense of RICO, contract and breach of fiduciary duty claims
Eighth Amendment Violation
Defense of breach of contract claim for earn out payment
Defense of breach of contract and tortious interference claims
Fraudulent conveyance action
Fraudulent conveyance action
Defense of shareholder class actions
Wrongful death claim
Panex Indus. Stockholders. Liquidating Trust, Court of Chancery and Supreme Court (C.A. No. 13584-NC); Rosenbloom v. Esso Virgin Islands Inc., 766 A.2d 451, December 8, 2000 (Supreme Court)
Defense of shareholder suit to invalidate provision in loan agreement
Wrongful death claim
Court appointed amicus in statutory interpretation dispute
Petition for instructions in real estate dispute