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Summer Associates

Welcome Law Students-

Envisioning the type of lawyer you would like to become is a notion you’ve thought about long before becoming a 1L. Law school may be transforming your long-held assumptions, opening new avenues or even solidifying a career ideal.

If your picture for the future involves working on the most significant law matters in the courts today, collaborating with professionals from leading law firms across the nation and world, and furthering your commitment to community, Young Conaway’s Summer Associate Program may be right for you.

Rich in substantive assignments, skills development and feedback, our summer program exposes students to the profession and business of law. When I welcome students each summer, I explain that they are embarking on the best job in the world. We pay you to learn - it’s all we expect - and encourage you to maximize the opportunity to be instructed by the best.

We structure our program similarly to the most competitive law firm clerkships. How Young Conaway distinguishes itself is in the depth of personal connections, support and collegiality we offer.

Accessibility to partners, meaningful work on real cases, and productive mentoring relationships are the heart of our program and of our firm.

As you move beyond your academic experience and expand your professional vision, I invite you to learn more about our Summer Associate Program. We look forward to hearing from you.

James L. Patton, Jr. 
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor,LLP