Trade Secret Counseling and Litigation

Young Conaway’s Trade Secret Counseling and Litigation Group combines the firm’s depth of experience in intellectual property disputes, commercial litigation and employment matters in order to help clients both protect their own trade secrets and employ effective strategies to avoid becoming the target of trade secret misappropriation lawsuits.

Young Conaway lawyers counsel clients on practices and policies to maintain trade secret protections, including: 

    • Hiring and employment practices 

    • Preparation of non-compete, non-disclosure and intellectual property-ownership agreements for joint 
      ventures, independent consultants, vendors and employees 

    • Trade secret audits 

    • Training programs to assist in identifying, maintaining and protecting trade secrets and avoiding 
       third-party claims 

    • Trade secret licensing

The primary goal of the Trade Secret Counseling and Litigation Group is to help clients implement procedures to avoid trade secret litigation and the associated costs, but if litigation becomes necessary, Young Conaway lawyers have substantial experience in federal and state courts successfully prosecuting and defending trade secret misappropriation cases from the opening pleadings stage through hearings for emergency injunctive relief and trial. A number of cases handled by the group have involved complex technologies, including source code for online tax preparation software, algorithms underlying software used to monitor the efficiency of healthcare professionals, and methods for the development and processing of fluoropolymers.

Whether your company’s concern is implementing training programs to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of confidential information, a rogue former employee disclosing trade secrets to a competitor, or a former joint venture partner improperly using your company’s trade secrets after the venture has ended, the firm’s Trade Secret Counseling and Litigation Group can help your company achieve its goals and, if necessary, obtain the required relief from the appropriate court in a cost-effective way.