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Visitor Suites and Meeting Facilities

Delaware's courts continue to be ranked #1 in the United States for litigation matters. Young Conaway attorneys are privileged to collaborate with some of the country's leading law firms on their complex litigation. Working seamlessly with co-counsel on behalf of our clients has led Young Conaway to create two (2) private Visitor Suites and a Moot Courtroom in its Wilmington, Delaware headquarters.

Our two (2) Visitor Suites, each comprising over 4000 square feet of space, offer bright conference room spaces along with furnished individual offices. They contain secure wireless technology that permit your legal team to easily connect to each other or to remote networks. Access to these suites is available 24/7. Visitor Suites can be scheduled individually or combined to make one 8000+ square foot suite that could accommodate a large trial team or bankruptcy auction. All suites are located conveniently near Delaware’s District, Bankruptcy, Chancery and Superior Courts.

Unlike surrounding hotel spaces, our Visitor Suites come with onsite support. Whether you need technological assistance, catering services, or logistical help, our team is ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Before your arrival, onsite support coordinates with your team leader and our attorneys to make sure the Visitor Suite meets your specifications and runs efficiently. After your matter has concluded, onsite support will work with you to properly preserve or destroy any remaining materials.

YOUNG SUITE - 4,190 Square Feet


STARGATT SUITE - 4,705 Square Feet    

Attorneys know that being well prepared for a hearing or trial can make the process a success. Young Conaway provides its clients and co-counsel with access to a dedicated Moot Courtroom. This space, which includes video capabilities, is perfect for preparing witnesses or opening arguments.

Visitor Suites are scheduled on a first come/first serve basis. A set-up and services fee is charged for all suites. To learn more about the Visitor Suite fee structure and further discuss our onsite support services, contact the Young Conaway attorney working on your matter.