Asbestos Bankruptcy Conference, Perrin Conferences

June 21, 2010

Edwin Harron, a partner in the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Section, will participate in two panel discussions at the Perrin Conferences' Asbestos Bankruptcy Conference taking place on June 21 in Chicago.

The first panel entitled "Asbestos Bankruptcy 2010 - A New Era of the Last Chapter" will cover:

National update of current cases involving debtors who have yet to emerge and those who recently entered the trust system – W.R. Grace, Quigley (Pfizer), Congoleum, Flintkote, Pittsburgh Corning, Plant Insulation, NARCO, etc.

Insurance-play bankruptcies for non-operations policies – overview of current cases, appeals and standing issues

Are new filings coming? The factors that drive a solvent defendant into bankruptcy

Are pre-packaged bankruptcies a viable alternative? THAN and other recent examples

Legal finality versus financial certainty - alternatives to resolve asbestos liabilities outside the bankruptcy process

As part of the second panel discussion entitled, "Asbestos Bankruptcy Primer: The Management & Operation of an Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust," Mr. Harron will be discussing:

Putting the trust agreement into action: payment percentages, adjust of payment percentages, benchmarks and trust distribution procedures

The role and power of the FCR under Section 524(g) — are the FCR's interests aligned with current asbestos claimants and other bankruptcy parties?

The role of the TAC and management of the trust

The fiduciary duties of asbestos bankruptcy trustees

How do the trusts anticipate dealing with the upcoming Medicare reporting rules?

What role does the bankruptcy court have over the trust's activities?

Entrusted with the assets — investment management of the trust's finances

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