"Delaware Courts Commercial Decisions: 2014 Update," American Law Institute CLE Seminar/Webcast

May 6, 2014

Young Conaway attorneys, Norman Powell, Sean Beach, Anne Gaza and Christian Wright recently teamed up for an American Law Institute CLE seminar/webcast that helped participants understand the latest commercial jurisprudence in Delaware. Delaware Courts Commercial Decisions: 2014 Update reviewed what all commercial practitioners need to know to properly advise their clients in light of the state-of-the-art commercial issues addressed by the Delaware Supreme, District, Chancery, and Bankruptcy Courts.

The program discussed the courts’ opinions pertaining to:

  • LLCs, LPs, corporations

  • default fiduciary duty

  • modification and/or elimination of fiduciary duty

  • good faith

  • indemnification and advancement

  • mergers

  • disclosures

  • appraisals

  • derivative actions