State Income Taxation of Trusts: Louisiana and Beyond, 71st Tulane Tax Institute

November 18, 2022

Tax, Trusts and Estates Senior Counsel Richard W. Nenno will be speaking at the 71st Tulane Tax Institute on November 18th.  His session entitled "State Income Taxation of Trusts: Louisiana and Beyond," highlights state income taxes as a critical aspect of the estate planning process.  If taxes are managed properly, significant savings can be achieved.  If managed poorly, substantial unnecessary expenses and potential liability for attorneys, CPAs, trustees, and other advisers may result.  This presentation will focus on Louisiana and other key states.

Since 1951, the Tulane Tax Institute has presented a forum for attorneys, CPAs and estate planners to hear nationally recognized tax and estate planning legal practitioners, law professors and accountants present in-depth reviews of recent tax statutes, regulations and decisions, learn practical tax and estate planning tips and discuss the current issues impacting their practice.  Tulane’s 71st Annual Tax Institute will be November 16-18, 2022 and provide extensive course materials. For registration and agenda information, visit