Young Conaway is a nationally recognized leader in the field of mass tort bankruptcies and settlement trusts. In particular, the firm is highly respected for its work as counsel to the legal representatives appointed to safeguard the interests of future claimants in matters involving exposure to asbestos, silica, and other toxic substances. In this role, Young Conaway has represented the interests of future claimants in more than two dozen bankruptcy cases and settlement trusts across the country.  The firm’s mass tort group has also earned acclaim for its pioneering representation of the debtor in Fuller Austin, negotiating the first prepackaged bankruptcy to successfully resolve asbestos liability.

Young Conaway advises clients on all aspects of mass tort chapter 11 proceedings and settlement trusts, including claims estimation, prosecution and defense of causes of action, and ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of assets to claimants over the life of a trust. Together with their colleagues in the tax, corporate, litigation, employment, labor and business transaction, and personal injury practice groups, Young Conaway's mass tort team provides sound, creative, and effective legal solutions to future claimant representatives, companies, and other parties confronting mass tort bankruptcies or settlement trusts.

Our mass tort team monitors and provides periodic updates on developments in litigation and legislation affecting mass torts. If you’re interested in receiving our updates, please contact Edwin Harron.