Cassandra Robert's Delaware Detour & Frolic Named Among LexisNexis Top Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues - 2013 Honorees

December 27, 2013In The News

Excerpt From LexisNexis Top Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues - 2013 Honorees

Author: LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

Maneuvering the intersection between the workers’ comp world and the information highway can be daunting. In the course of any given day, the attorney, risk manager, academic, or comp world decision-maker can be so bombarded with email, phone calls, pleadings, medico-legal reports, court opinions, OSHA studies, and the like that the thought of traversing yet another source for professional enlightenment is simply a bridge too far. Yet there are blogs “out there” with valuable information. Someone “out there” has likely posted some offering that can provide additional perspective on the issues at hand. If only you didn’t have to wade through the thicket “out there” to find it.

As it has been doing for several years now, the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Workers' Compensation has done the wading for you. We’ve selected our 2013 honorees for the Top Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues. The list is part of our effort to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Congratulations to all the honorees!

These top blog sites contain some of the best writing out there on workers' compensation and workplace issues. They provide a wealth of information for the workers' compensation community with timely news items, practical information, expert analysis, practice tips, and helpful links to other sites. The sites also show us that workplace issues neither arise from nor are they resolved within a vacuum. The comp world interacts with politics and culture. Moreover, the sites and the bloggers demonstrate that the flow of information flow runs two ways: it flows from the comp world through the blog to the reader, but most bloggers covet comments in return. Indeed, the ongoing discussion can impact the world of workers' compensation and workplace issues.


Delaware Detour & Frolic

A workers’ comp law blog by Cassandra Roberts, Esq.
Cassandra Roberts, senior workers’ compensation partner at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, in Wilmington, Delaware, offers a big blog from a small state. Delaware doesn’t publish its IAB decisions formally, so the best word on what’s happening there is usually from Cassandra’s keyboard.

Her “Salt Water Taffy and a Tad of Permanency…. DE IAB rules on the value of a pelvis and creates a value for the Biliary tract,”[] posted dated August 6, 2013 is an excellent example of her expertise and handiwork.

Other offerings include “Drugstore Cowboy: DE Supreme Court upholds carrier’s right to supply meds through a preferred vendor,” [] posted July 16, 2013,

and her April 10, 2013 post entitled, “On the road again: DE Supreme Ct comments on a veritable potpourri of exceptions to the going and coming rule.” []