Tim Houseal Featured in the National Law Journal

September 3, 2012
Delaware attorney Timothy Houseal served as a delegate last week, although some of his efforts involved jockeying for his 13-year-old daughter, Abigail, to continue what must be a rare streak.

This will be the fourth presidential election in Abigail's life now, and so far she has been held by or shook the hand of every victorious candidate.

George W. Bush held her when she was just six months old. Four years later, Bush shook her hand. Four years after that, Barack Obama stepped through the crowd at a campaign stop right outside Houseal's office and made a sort of beeline for Abigail and shook her hand, he said.

Last week, Houseal said he notified the Romney campaign of the phenomenon. "We've told them that if he wants to become president, he needs to meet my daughter," Houseal said while standing on the convention hall floor on August 28.

As of August 30, the last day of the convention, there was still no meeting. Abigail didn't seem too bothered; she was too busy trading the relatively rare Delaware delegate pins for a collection of pins from other states. — Todd Ruger