William W. Bowser Appointed to Delaware Pathways Steering Committee

September 26, 2016Press Release


Labor and Employment Law Partner William W. Bowser was recently appointed by Governor Markell to the Delaware Pathways Steering Committee.‚Äč  His term will last one year.

Delaware Pathways is "a collaborative workforce development partnership which will create a fluid relationship between our public education system, post-secondary education, non-profit, and employer communities to ensure that the pathway to college and a well-paying job is accessible for every Delawarean, and to help the state fulfill the 'Delaware Promise' of ensuring that 65% of our workforce earns a college degree or professional certificate by 2025."

The Steering Committee is made up of 15 members.  Mr. Bowser was one of two business leaders appointed by the Governor. The committee will "set the strategic direction of the Delaware Pathways work and provide recommendations for future development and growth of the program, and ensure that program offerings are properly aligned with current and expected employer demand."