Young Conaway Celebrates Women's History Month

March 29, 2022Press Release

In honor of Women's History Month, Young Conaway wishes to recognize our women attorneys. Our continued ability to provide excellent representation in the legal and local communities depends in no small part on our fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within our firm. These attorneys lead with integrity, provide our clients with creative solutions to their problems, and are valuable members of Young Conaway. 

Row One (left to right):  Elisabeth Bradley; Emily Burton; Jaime Luton Chapman; Kara Hammond Coyle; Mary Dugan; Roxanne Eastes; Erin Edwards; Lauren Fortunato; Anne Shea Gaza

Row Two:  Taylor Hallowell; Sarah Hand; Nehama Hanoch; Ashley Jacobs; Elizabeth Justison; Allurie Kephart; Jennifer Kinkus; Sara Beth Kohut; Pilar Kraman

Row Three:  Catherine Lyons; Lauren McCrery; Tammy Mercer; Allison Mielke; Katelin Morales; Pauline Morgan; Lakshmi Muthu; Elena Norman; Tara Pakrouh

Row Four:  Karen Pascale; Lauren Russell; Melanie Sharp; Skyler Speed; M. Paige Valeski; Neilli Walsh; Samantha Wilson; Natalie Wolf; Sharon Zieg