March 5, 2013

Delaware Chapter, The Dispute Resolution Review, 5th Edition, Law Business Research Ltd.

5th Edition, Law Business Research Ltd.

The just published 5th Edition of The Dispute Resolution Review features Young Conaway attorneys Elena Norman and Lakshmi Muthu as the authors of the chapter on Delaware. The Review is part of a series of high-quality, hardback books published annually by Law Business Research Ltd. Contributors to the series are carefully selected local experts in their fields of practice. A copy of their article is attached.

For the Delaware chapter of the latest edition, Elena and Lakshmi discuss the Delaware courts, “and their role at the forefront of complex litigation in the U.S., often hearing matters involving foreign individuals and entities. Among other reasons, this is based on the sophistication and flexibility of the courts.”

Legal work continues to become increasingly international, and it is often necessary to have not only an understanding of foreign substantive law but also an appreciation of the basic framework of civil procedure and legal practice in different jurisdictions. The Law Reviews can give readers a business-focused insight of some of the key substantive and procedural issues, as well as analysis of important cases, deals and hot topics in each field of law.

Copies of the 5th Edition of The Dispute Resolution Review will be featured at the IBA Annual Litigation Forum in Turkey on April 24 – 26, 2013 and the 2nd Annual GAR Live Conference in New York on September 18, 2013, as well as at other relevant conferences and events throughout the year.

An eBook version of The Dispute Resolution Review is available as a convenient, digital complement to the hardback volume. The following downloads should be compatible with most of the leading brands of eBook readers, tablets, PCs, and other devices. Information on the publication is also available on the Law Business Research LTD website.

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