March 17, 2022Books

Delaware Corporate Law Annual Review 2021

This publication was originally distributed at Tulane's 2022 Corporate Law Institute and is provided compliments of Young Conaway’s Corporate Counseling and Litigation Section.

Young Conaway’s Corporate Counseling and Litigation Section provides representation and advice to Delaware entities, including corporations and alternative entities, the individuals and entities that manage them, their equity holders, and other law firms. Young Conaway’s practice ranges from advising on the structure and negotiation of corporate and commercial transactions to defending (or challenging) transactions in the courtroom.

Attorneys within Young Conaway’s Corporate Counseling and Litigation Section have extensive experience in guiding clients through takeover battles, special committee processes, and dissident stockholder situations. Young Conaway attorneys also have extensive experience in the prosecution and defense of litigation involving stockholder challenges to mergers and acquisitions, contests for corporate control, going-private transactions, appraisal and valuation issues, indemnification and advancement claims, alternative entity disputes, and every other manner of corporate and alternative entity dispute in the Delaware courts. Some of the higher profile matters in which our attorneys have played an active role include those that produced the landmark RevlonTime/WarnerQVCOmnicare, and Disneydecisions of the Delaware Supreme Court. Columbia PipelineEnergy Transfer EquityMorgans Hotel,Ancestry.comPine River, andOxbow are some of the more recent notable matters in which attorneys in the section played a significant role.

For more information, please call or email your regular Young Conaway contacts or one of the members of Young Conaway’s Corporate Counseling and Litigation Section listed in the directory at the end of this publication.