November 14, 2014Reference Materials

Indemnification and Insurance for Directors and Officers

Bloomberg BNA, Corporate Practice Portfolio Series, Portfolio No. 54-3rd

Bloomberg BNA recently released its latest addition to the Corporate Practice Portfolio Series entitled, "Indemnification And Insurance For Directors and Officers." Young Conaway Partner William Johnston and Associates Kathaleen McCormick and Elisabeth Bradley, along with several other co-authors, provide a detailed analysis of today's business management risks.

"In an era of unprecedented public scrutiny of corporate and business conduct, managers of business entities face the prospect of civil and/or criminal liability on a variety of increasingly creative fronts. Civil claims and criminal charges can be based on statutory provisions, rules, regulations and/or the common law. Plaintiffs or complainants may include governmental authorities, entity owners (shareholders, members, partners or limited partners), the entity itself (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership or limited liability partnership), or the entity's other managers (directors, officers, managing members, general partners) or employees...."

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