February 1, 2019Alerts

YCST Bankruptcy Alert: Amendments to Delaware’s Local Bankruptcy Rules

YCST Bankruptcy Alert: Amendments to Delaware’s Local Bankruptcy Rules go into effect today, February 1, 2019.  Some of the recent rule amendments include (but are not limited to):

  • Reducing the time for service of motions under Local Rule 9006-1(c)(i) from 18 days to 14 days (LR 9006-1(c)(i)).
  • Establishing that professional retention applications and final decree motions shall be heard on at least 21 days’ notice (notwithstanding the previously noted amendment to LR 9006-1(c)(i)) (LR 2014-1(b) and LR 3022-1(b)).
  • Requiring that plan proponents must file any plan supplement on or before 7 days prior to the earlier of (a) the deadline for submission of ballots to vote to accept or reject a plan, or (b) the deadline to object to confirmation of the plan, unless otherwise ordered by the Court (LR 3016-2 and LR 3017-2(g)). 
  • Revising the deadline to object to a motion for entry of final decree in a chapter 15 case from 28 days to 30 days (LR 5009-2(b)).
  • Requiring that a summons and certificate of service be filed in an adversary proceeding within 7 days after service of the summons and complaint (LR 7004-2).
  • Reducing page limits for non-discovery related briefs in adversary proceedings (LR 7007-2(a)(iv)).
  • Clarifying the requirements for oral argument and hearings on motions in adversary proceedings (LR 7007-3).
  • Requiring an averment that a reasonable effort has been made to notify interested parties when filing a motion requesting shortened notice (LR 9006-1(e)).