Young Conaway’s Employment Law Group is excited to announce the launch of its Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Webinar.  This affordable, online platform allows employers to meet Delaware’s requirement to provide interactive training to their employees and new hires.

Our web-based course is conducted by live trainers using technology that allows attendees to actively participate by asking questions while keeping responses anonymous and increasing engagement and attention.


  • Hosted on Young Conaway’s online training platform
  • 1 hour 15 minute session for employees (offered at least twice per month)
  • 1 hour 30 minute session for supervisors only (offered at least twice per month)
  • Online calendar allows employees to schedule training at a convenient date & time
  • Focuses on harassment prevention and workplace civility
  • Meets Delaware’s interactive requirement by allowing participants to receive answers to questions
  • Real life harassment scenarios
  • Audience consistently engaged, questions solicited
  • Q&A period by live instructor
  • Post-event training certificates for each participant
  • Attendance records tracked and provided to employers


  • The law and sexual harassment
  • How to identify different types of sexual harassment
  • What to do when harassment occurs – using real workplace scenarios
  • Bystander intervention training and workplace civility
  • Supervisor’s specific responsibilities under the law

Throughout our training we stress interaction, openly engage with the audience and solicit questions. Further, our trainers (who collectively have over 30 years’ harassment training experience) make themselves available for questions throughout the webinar course, and provide live answers and comments following the course presentation.


It’s easy.  Simply provide us with the name of your organization and number of employees and supervisors.  Once your organization has agreed to training, you will be provided with a link to Young Conaway’s online training calendar which will allow your employees to schedule training on a date and time convenient to their schedule.

For additional information about these courses or to schedule your training, please contact us at 302-571-6674 or email Alexis R. DeCostanza at [email protected].