William Johnston led effort in presenting Resolution 102B at the ABA Mid-Year Meeting

February 17, 2014Press Release


William Johnston took the lead in presenting Resolution 102B at the recent ABA Mid-Year Meeting in Chicago. The principles outlined in Resolution 102B say that business will prohibit child labor and labor trafficking in its operations, will assess the risk of these problems, will train relevant employees and communicate with suppliers, and devise a remediation policy to address child labor and trafficking.

With the unanimous adoption of Resolution 102B, the House adopted as ABA policy Model Business and Supplier Principles developed by a working group of the ABA Business Law Section. Bill co-chaired the working group during the past 20 months. The Resolution also urged businesses worldwide to adopt their own form of business and supplier policies directed to labor trafficking and child labor consistent with the Model Principles.

A copy of Resolution 102B can be accessed using this link.