James Hughes co-authors Bloomberg BNA's Corporate Practice Portfolio

May 8, 2015Press Release


James P. Hughes, Jr. co-authored Bloomberg BNA’s Corporate Practice Portfolio Series No. 105, Deal Protection Devices. The 15-chapter Portfolio, which the authors spent almost two years researching and writing,  provides an overview and analysis of  the typical  deal protection devices that  govern the period between the signing of a merger agreement and a stockholder vote on the transaction. The Portfolio explores how deal-protection provisions operate together and how and why they are scrutinized by the courts,  particularly when parties adopt aggressive or unprecedented variations of the protections. Most chapters include practical tips, guidance and considerations for practitioners who draft such provisions.  Finally, the Portfolio concludes with a appendix containing samples from illustrative merger and voting agreements and other deal-related documents.

Bloomberg BNA's highly-regarded Corporate Practice Portfolio Series was created to provide assistance on topics germane to corporate practice in many fields, including securities, antitrust, and state corporation law. New portfolios continue to be issued, and periodic updates and revisions augment the series. The portfolios feature "practical scholarship," combining exhaustive research with practitioners' expert guidance.

The publication is available through the Bloomberg BNA's web site.