Intellectual Property

As an epicenter of high-stakes intellectual property litigation, the Delaware courts, particularly the United States District Court for the District of Delaware and the Delaware Court of Chancery, regularly adjudicate some of the nation’s most important intellectual property disputes. Whether the dispute concerns patent or trademark rights, protection of trade secrets and proprietary information, or a license for use of intellectual property, these cases are marked by deep complexities in their points of law, their technical subject matter, their multiplicity of claims, and their large troves of discovery material. In these cases, our experienced team provides deep insights into the inner workings of our court system, its procedures, and the preferences and inclinations of its judges.

We serve both as co-counsel to major national law firms and as sole counsel to a wide range of companies with IP issues. Our attorneys are known for their ability to understand the technologies at issue and then translate the material into compelling narratives. In an IP environment where the law constantly changes to keep pace with advances in technology, our technical acumen, persuasive writing, and compelling legal arguments frequently lay the foundation for successful outcomes.

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