Litigation and Trial Practice

The hallmark of a successful trial practice is a willingness to go to trial. While this may seem obvious, there is no small number of trial lawyers whose appetite for the courtroom is tepid at best. At Young Conaway, our litigators are known to relish their time in the courtroom, and they prepare every case as if it is surely being litigated to verdict. This serves notice to the other side that they are in for a fight, which raises the chances of a favorable settlement.

Our litigation and trial practice encompasses a broad spectrum of actions for both businesses and individuals. On the business side, we are often involved in litigation related to mass torts, insurance coverage, environmental issues, non-profit entities, and complex business disputes of every kind. We help companies assess their litigation risk, weigh their options, and arrive at a resolution in keeping with their business objectives and risk tolerance.

For individual clients, we handle all manner of personal injury claims, including auto accidents, workers’ compensation, and medical negligence. We inform these individuals of every option and make sure they understand each step in the process. In most cases, we help them reach favorable resolutions, whether through settlement, mediation, arbitration or, indeed, at trial.