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Who we are
Who We Are

The Delaware legal community works fast and works smart. We have to. Cases come to us from all 50 states, all the time, from companies seeking the sophistication and business-savvy fairness of the Delaware legal system. They need local lawyers who can add value from long experience inside that system.

That leads them – or their primary outside counsel - to us. We know Delaware law in all its nuances. Our partners serve on the various committees that regularly draft amendments to Delaware’s entity and other laws. We know Delaware judges, having appeared before them countless times. We usually know opposing counsel, having worked either with or against them in the past. Our legal culture is clearly defined, known for its civility, collegiality, and fairness. In Delaware, local knowledge counts for a lot. So do we.

Young Conaway has played a role in many groundbreaking cases and has helped shape legislative and case law in Delaware for over half a century.
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