Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Bankruptcy is a race against time. The inexorable dissipation of a distressed company’s assets sets a timetable that dictates the behavior of hundreds, if not thousands, of claimants, which in turn informs the strategic thinking of debtors and creditors alike. The ability to stay comfortably ahead is the mark of a law firm with the experience and savvy to conduct chapter 11 proceedings on the most compressed schedules imaginable.

The attorneys of Young Conaway work at the speed of Delaware, and our Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group is the largest in the state. The sheer volume of bankruptcy cases entering Delaware courts — and the accelerated pace of their disposition — assures that we stay constantly engaged in fast, efficient turnarounds. When litigation threatens to slow matters down, we are adept at expediting matters — we often move cases from discovery to full evidentiary hearing in less than a month.

We are deeply embedded in Delaware’s bankruptcy community, which gives us powerful insights, not just into the complexities and creativity of the United States Bankruptcy Code, but also into the ways our judges have historically interpreted the Code and how they are likely to rule in any given case. Our dexterity in finding common ground among multiple constituencies and competing interests has made us the Delaware firm of choice, both as lead counsel in middle market insolvencies and as co-counsel in major national and global restructurings.