February 15, 2022Articles

Pleading Wilful and Indirect Infringement, USA Trends and Developments, Chambers Patent Litigation 2022 Guide

Anne Shea Gaza, Pilar Kraman, Adam Poff and Samantha Wilson recently published an article in Chambers Patent Litigation 2022 guide.  The article entitled, “Pleading Wilful and Indirect Infringement,” appears in the USA Trends and Developments section. The article discusses the latest trends in the District of Delaware on issues of “sufficiency of knowledge” – a concept with differing views among judges across the USA – as well as recommendations for best practice.

The Patent Litigation 2022 guide provides the latest information on intellectual property (IP) rights and granting procedures, initiating a patent infringement lawsuit, patent revocation/cancellation, patent remedies, litigation costs, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and assignment and licensing of IP rights.  Over 29 different jurisdictions are highlighted in this publication.

To read the complete article, click the link below and hit Trends and Developments Tab.  A PDF copy is also available for download.

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