Our Summer Program

At Young Conaway, we pride ourselves on providing summer associates with real-world exposure to both our clients and our firm.  Our goal is not just to prepare you to practice law, but to prepare you to practice law at Young Conaway.  We rely heavily on our summer associate program to recruit new talent and only hire summer associates whom we expect to receive offers following their successful completion of the program.

Hallmarks of the summer program include a centrally coordinated assignment allocation process, a summer-long writing program, and extensive mentoring and feedback, all fostered by the firm’s open-door, collaborative atmosphere.

Centrally Managed Substantive Work Assignments

Our summer associates receive substantive and varied work assignments to provide comprehensive exposure to our practice areas and our people.  Assignments are managed by our Director of Recruiting and Associate Development, who works with each summer associate to provide a personalized range of assignments that balance practice area interest, workload, and opportunities for skills development and client interaction.  By not limiting our summer associates to a specific practice area, we allow them to explore their interest in a desired practice area or discover a previously unknown niche.

Social Events

We believe the "summer-long interview" process is a two-way street.  Our social activities throughout the summer allow us to get to know you, while you gain a broader and deeper understanding of who we are - our people, our firm, and our culture.

From get-togethers at partners' homes to such activities as an axe-throwing competition or an '80s-themed barcade, practice section-hosted events allow summer associates to get to know our attorneys within each practice area.  Firm-wide happy hours and a golf outing round out the summer program.

Summer Associates are also encouraged - but not required - to join our softball team and running club.

Summer Mentoring  - A Circle Approach

Young Conaway’s summer mentoring is based on a "circle" approach, which reflects the collaborative nature of our firm. Each Mentoring Circle consists of an equal number of partner mentors, associate liaisons, and summer associates.  In this way, the Mentoring Circle provides an opportunity to share knowledge across experience levels, skill sets, and practice areas, allowing summer associates an opportunity to gain the most comprehensive insight into our firm.  Moreover, the “circle” format encourages open discussions and peer mentoring among the members in the circle.

Summer-Long Writing Program

A prominent feature of our summer program is our series of carefully crafted writing workshops, led by partner John Paschetto.  Weekly meetings involve exercises and instruction designed to help summer associates produce the kind of work that partners and judges want to see.  Each summer associate also receives individualized written feedback on assignments throughout the program.  Summer associates often comment that Young Conaway’s writing workshop is one of the most beneficial – and unique – features of our summer program.

Constructive Feedback

Our open-door policy and centralized assignment process helps summer associates obtain real-time feedback on their assignments.  In addition, we provide not only an end-of-summer review, but also a mid-summer check-in, where our summer associates have an opportunity to discuss their progress and drive the remainder of their summer experience.

Young Conaway is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Want to learn more?  Review Young Conaway's NALP form.