"Where to Incorporate: Comparing PA, DE & NJ," Partners Craig Grear and Jim Hughes Lead Panel Discussion

November 14, 2018

Young Conaway Partners Craig Grear and Jim Hughes will be panelists at a seminar on Wednesday, November 14th in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s forum on business considerations for creating entities in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They will be joined by Patricia R. Urban, Esq. of Pinckney, Weidinger, Urban & Joyce, LLC and Curtis L. Golkow, Esq. of Golkow Business Law LLC. 

The three-hour presentation is designed to raise issues for practitioners to consider when advising clients on entity selection, taxes, and governance formalities. The seminar will be simulcast to attorneys in Pittsburgh and three other cities in Pennsylvania.

For additional information or to register, visit www.pbi.org.