DiBianca Quoted in Delaware News Journal

October 25, 2012

Molly DiBianca was quoted by Sean O'Sullivan in his recent article entitled, "Judge: Deported Immigrant Still Entitled To Workers' Comp," which was featured in the Delaware News Journal. The article discussed a case that is being appealed to the Delaware Supreme Court. The case focused on whether an employee, who was injured on a job site, is entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits even if it turns out that he is an illegal immigrant.

Molly noted that "... although it may sound unfair at first that an illegal immigrant can get workers’ compensation, the way [Judge] Herlihy ruled is how other courts around the country have ruled." She went on to say, " 'I’d have to side with the employee. The guy clearly got injured in the course of his employment ... so it is kind of nervy to say 'We shouldn’t have to pay him....' " Molly recommends that employers be diligent about checking a person's immigration status at the time they are being considered for employment.