Young Conaway Signs the ABA Well-Being Pledge

May 1, 2023Press Release

The attorneys of Young Conaway are pleased to announce during Well-Being Week in Law that the firm has become an ABA Well-Being Pledge signatory.  

"The ABA Well-Being Pledge & Campaign is designed to support well-being in the legal profession and address the profession’s troubling rates of alcohol and other substance-use disorders, as well as mental health issues. The campaign’s goals are to raise awareness, facilitate a reduction in the incidence of problematic substance-use and mental health distress and improve well-being in the law. From education to policies to culture, the seven-point pledge identified in the Campaign reflects the core areas on which legal employers should focus and the concrete steps they should take as they seek to achieve those goals."    

Young Conaway is dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment that promotes positive health for all attorneys and staff.  The firm supports attitudes that contribute to well-being by providing information, activities, and services designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, as well as to identify and confront unhealthy and anxiety-producing tensions. Young Conaway has always considered the wellness of its community by offering, among other things, a variety of programs such as yoga sessions, nutritional counseling, and chair massages.  With the assistance of a firmwide Wellness Committee, Young Conaway continues to seek ways in which the firm can better foster mental and physical wellbeing and undertake a more holistic approach to workplace wellness.