December 18, 2023Articles

Giving Back in a Pro Bono Way

The Journal, Delaware State Bar Association

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond with pro bono work?

Does your law firm support you when taking on cases outside of your practice? If so, we want to shine a spotlight on you!

DSBA is looking to recognize those who participate, embrace and encourage pro bono work continually. I’m delighted to announce a new series of articles that highlights the committed and dedicated efforts of our members and law firms of the Delaware State Bar Association for their outstanding pro bono work.

While pro bono is a small phrase, it has a huge meaning to our community in need. The sacrifice of valuable time and obligation from attorneys can be a challenge, but the joy of being appreciated and honored can be rewarding to all involved. In creating a space for pro bono efforts to be recognized always and not only in October during National Pro Bono Week, this is a win-win moment.

The idea of this series came from attending the Pro Bono Fair hosted by Young Conaway in October. I briefly spoke with the firm’s Vice-Chair, Michael R. Nestor, Esquire, and Director of DEI, Deborah R. Edwards, Esquire, about the event. Their event hosted several local community organizations, agencies and partners to come share their resources and time to give out information on the many pro bono opportunities available in Delaware. Attorneys from all firms were invited to mix and mingle to see how they could get involved. A challenging part of pro bono work can be, “How do I get started?” and events like this highlight that you can practice in any specialty but learn from organizations how to use your legal skills to take on and complete cases that need attorneys to donate their time.

To kick off our first article in the series, I reached out to Young Conaway with a few questions about their program. A special thank you to Deb, Mike, and their team for their promising pro bono program and long standing commitment to pro bono work!