May 30, 2019Articles

Not Just for Delaware Anymore, Pauline Morgan Manages the Complex Traffic of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring

Super Lawyers, Pennsylvania & Delaware 2019 Edition

As past chair of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and corporate restructuring efforts at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, in Wilmington, Pauline Morgan would seem expert at determining the value of things. 

One area where she seems to fall short in determining value?  Herself.

"What I do is not a one-person effort," she says. "I think that I'm very conscientious, I prepare hard, and I really take it seriously.  Even if I've done it 50 times, I don't wing it. ...Part of my job is just managing traffic."

"She's a brilliant lawyer," says James L. Patton Jr., partner at Young Conaway, in rebuttal.  "The ability to see into the future requires that you also have the ability to not get knocked off track when your prediction doesn't come true.  A surprise springs out of the shrubs, catches you around the ankles - and you want a lawyer who can take those unforeseen outcomes in stride.  The very best Chapter 11 lawyers that I know have the ability to navigate the complexity of this stuff with equanimity, and Pauline has that in spades."  READ MORE