Representative Matters

  • $3.6M jury verdict against a neurosurgeon for a patient who suffered partial paralysis following neck surgery;
  • $1.8M jury verdict for a young man who died as a result of the malfunctioning of a surgical stapler;
  • $5.2M settlement of a wrongful death case arising from the death of a 38 year old husband and father following an automobile accident involving a commercial crane truck;
  • $2.8M settlement award against a hospital and a cardiac surgeon for a brain injury suffered by a teenage girl during the course of a cardiac procedure which utilized circulatory arrest;
  • $1.5M settlement award for a hospital's and pediatrician's failure to diagnose and treat hypoglycemia;
  • $1.4M settlement award for the surviving family members of a physician who bled to death following childbirth;
  • $1.35M settlement award on behalf of a bicyclist struck by a car; and
  • $123M class action settlement on behalf of the child victims of pedophile pediatrician.